Saint Patrick’s Day and no more milkshakes

Alexander dressed in green for Saint Patrick’s Day today.

He was a wee bit grumpy and would have much rather slept in…So would I to tell the truth, but there were some promises made about leprechauns bringing treats so he agreed to get dressed and go to daycare. Mommy leprechaun picked up Skittles and gummy candies on lunch lol.

Some peoples milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. The ones I make are laced with antibiotics and allergy medicine. 

Since his first febrile seizure due to an ear infection I have been more pro medication than I thought I would be. So Alexander has become a master at dodging, covering his mouth, and spitting out his medications. To try and get this latest round of antibiotics in I have taken to hiding it in an orange milkshake. I try to mix up the flavors since he has to take it twice a day but orange has been his favorite so far. I’m afraid though that Alexander is catching on to my devious treats. Last night he refused to drink it. I think it was a nice treat at first because we do not usually keep ice cream in the house but now he is tired of it. I may try one more but make it grape. 

I’m not sure what my next step will be if we won’t drink it, but he still has 5 days of medication left that is 10 doses to sneak in somehow. It is worth it though if we can keep him from having a fever and another seizure. 

I wish I had more ideas of how to get him to take it. 

Now to get his candy decorated on my break so it will be ready when he gets out of daycare.


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