Life is crazy sometimes other times it is crazy busy.

Around the time I stopped posting Alexander had a febrile seizure. A full blown thrashing, choked, and turned blue seizure. My husband had to clear his airway and give him rescue breaths to get him breathing again. He has had six more since.

After the third one I noticed he was daydreaming alot. Well I thought it was daydreaming. I mentioned it to his pediatrician and they told us to watch him and let them know if it kept happening.

It did, and he kept daydreaming. When he has what I now call a “spell” he is oblivious to the world. He will not respond to any stimulus and does not seem to know that time has passed when he comes out of it. It has not been verified that he is having absence seizures yet but his first EEG came back abnormal. In a couple of weeks we will be going to the children’s hospital for a 3-5 day stay in the epilepsy unit. He will have to wear the EEG electrodes/leads the entire stay. I do hope if he is having seizures that he has one there. That way we know for sure and we can come up with a plan.

Other than the febrile seizure and the “spells” he is developing normally. He is very intelligent! When the neurologist and therapy groups tested him he is on a four year old level for communication. I am a super proud mommy. 😄 He is also very tall. He comes up past my waist almost to my chest. Now as my husband will point out I’m short (5’0″) but I still say Alexander is tall. He is good with his manners, likes to compliment people especially his friends, and is very loving and kind. 


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