He did it & water problems

We have a rule that we do not argue or discuss the affair around Alexander. Through a series of events that left us with no sitter Saturday I didn’t get my husbands letter.

Then on Sunday the water main hookup in our yard started leaking, so we had to get ahold of the town and have them send people out to check on it.

Monday was back to work and when we got home the town had dug up our front yard.

So finally Tuesday after work we had a few minutes to sit down and my husband gave me his letter.

He was nervous and apologized because he isn’t good with words. He even made an origami dog in a boat to hold the letter. Which was sweet, but I was more impressed that he had actually done it. I think him writing the letter, and what he expressed in it, has done more good than all the verbal apologies put together.

He expressed his regret, went into some more detail about what caused him to cheat, and expressed his understanding of what this rollercoaster has been like for me.

He also plans to read the book and discuss it this weekend.

Here is to hoping things keep progressing in a positive manner.


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