Picky eater?

Alexander has some strange, well strange to me, eating habits.
For the most part he only likes pureed foods. I have been able to thicken them to a point but if it has chunks in it he will gag or filter out the chunks and spit them out.

We have been working on finger foods. He loves pureed carrots but if I cut up steamed baby carrots he won’t eat them. Bananas are another story if I cut up banana he will gag and spit it out, but if he can hold the banana and takes bites out of it he will eat it like crazy.

So is he just a picky eater? I have read about texture disorders and of course I fear the worst as a first time mom.


3 thoughts on “Picky eater?

  1. I doubt he’s a picky eater at this young age. Personally I would say don’t give up on the finger foods. Perseverance is key.Why don’t you put some finger food on his high chair tray whilst you feed him the purée.
    We completely missed the purée stage and went straight to baby led weaning at 6 months.

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    1. I’m wishing we would have! We are working on catching up with finger foods. I really think he likes to hold his food to eat it, like a tiny caveman, instead of picking up little chunks.


      1. Don’t stress about it to much, he will do it in his own time. The finger food really helps with the pincer grip and eating solid food will help with there speech.


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