Mom realization: little boys pee all over the place.

One of the many things that I have learned since becoming a mother to a boy is that they pee a lot and it goes everywhere.

We are past the stage of him peeing on you when you changed his diaper. I expected that one, I was warned by many a smiling mother, and I was prepared. What no one told me is that once he started standing up, if bare bottomed for even a moment, he would spray everything down like a firefighter at a five alarm blaze.

Last week it was pretty hot so I let him go without a diaper for a bit, after I was sure he had just peed. He proceeded to crawl across the living room, pull himself up to standing position at the coffee table, look at me, smile, and pee in his toy box under the table.

Yesterday he came home from daycare with some diaper rash. So after his bath we put him in his pack and play in the living room without a diaper to let it dry some. We were in the kitchen putting supper away, or kitchen and living room are one big room. He pulled up to stand and watch us while we packed up leftovers. Next thing I know he is peeing through the mesh all over the kitchen! I didn’t know he could get such distance!

So lesson learned little boys pee all over the place. 🙂 Also keep plenty of paper towels and clorox on hand.


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