Making deals with cats.

Our cat Nikola loves water.

This is Nikola

I think it started when I was on bed rest and the only time I was comfortable was in the bath. I would soak and he would sit on the side of the tub trying to catch the water I flicked at him.

Anyway whenever it was Alexander’s bath time we would have a race to see who could get in the tub the fastest baby boy or baby cat. So I made a deal with the cat, and yes I know how crazy that sounds, that if he will wait I will leave the bath water in the tub and he can play to his kitty hearts content.

So now Nikola sits beside the tub and waits his turn, and now we have a new problem. When he is finished playing he thinks it is great fun to jump out of the tub, avoiding the mat and towels I put down, and run full speed through the living room and sliding all over the hard wood floors.

I think he is just trying to get me ready for when Alexander is old enough to do the same thing.


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